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About International Center of Reiki Training


    The International Reiki Training Center (ICRT), has a history of more than 30 years since its establishment in 1988. The cumulative number of Reiki healers and instructors has reached tens of thousands. Reiki students who come to study are all over the world. it can almost be said to be one of the largest and most influential Reiki Association organizations and training centers in the world. ICRT also takes the continuous research, learning and development in the field of Reiki as its mission, so that more people in the world can understand and use Reiki.

     国际灵气培训中心 ICRT,从1988年成立至今,已有30多年历史,累计培养的灵气疗愈师及导师数量已达上万,前来进修的灵气学员遍布世界各地,官方网站累计注册量80万+,几乎可以说是目前世界范围内体量和影响最大的灵气协会组织和培训中心之一.  ICRT也以灵气领域的不断研究学习和发展为己任,以让世界上更多的人了解并使用灵气。


Purpose of the International Reiki Association Center ICRT


1. Establish and maintain Reiki teaching standards


2. Training Reiki healers and teachers


3. Create instructional manuals used in Reiki classes.


4. Encourage everyone to form Reiki support groups, groups where people can give and receive Reiki healing.


5. Help people develop and use their Reiki skills.


6. Encourage guided students to become successful Reiki teachers.


7. Research new information about Reiki and develop new techniques to improve its use.


8. Publicly affirm the value provided by all Reiki individuals, regardless of lineage or discipline to which they belong.


9. Promote friendly cooperation among all Reiki healers and teachers through the use of Reiki to achieve the goal of healing yourself and the earth.透过灵气的运用,促进所有灵气疗愈师和教师之间的友好合作,以实现疗愈自己和地球的目标。


The Courses


1.ICRT Usui Reiki Level 1&2 Course (ICRT臼井圣火三1.2阶课程)

2.ICRT Reiki Master Course (ICRT灵气导师阶课程)

3.ICRT Karuna Reiki Course (ICRT卡鲁娜灵气课程)

4.ICRT Animal Reiki Level 1&2 Course  (ICRT动物灵气1.2阶课程)

5.ICRT Animal Reiki Master Course (ICRT动物灵气导师阶课程)

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